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Adorata - soft wheat flour type 2

Product number: 1018
  • High bran content
  • Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Sweetish-tart aroma
  • High protein content and therefore ideal for aromatic breads, pizza and sweet leavenend products
Adorata means "adored". This flour deserves this name because of its special milling technique. It makes it possible to retain a particularly tasty and noble bran content in the flour. This is where the typical reddish-brown appearance, the considerable amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals from the outer layers and the sweetish-tart note come from. The flour leads to the typical colour pattern with fine, thinner dots in the baked goods.
Ideal for the production of rustic, aromatic breads and also for pizza, foccaccia or sweet baked goods.
W 300/320 | P/L 0,55-0,65

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