Easter Dove "Colomba" with Regina


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Baking/cooking time
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019 60'


1.000 g Regina 
500 g water 
100 g egg yolk (cat. A) 
200 g butter 
1.800 g total 

1.800 g pre-dough 
300 g "Gran Lievitati" soft wheat flour
50 g water 
300 g sugar 
50 g honey 
200 g egg yolk (cat. A) 
300 g butter 
900 g candied fruits and/or raisins 
25 g cocoa butter (melted) 
3.925 g total 


Pre-dough: Mix all of the ingredients (except the butter) until a dry and smooth blend has been achieved. At this point, add the butter. Dough temperature between 25-28°C. Allow to rise in a proofing cell at 27°C for about 12-14 hours until the dough is four times its initial size.

  • Check fermentation with a measuring cup.
  • Cover the dough with nylon and turn off the humidity.
  • Check the effective temperature of the cell.
  • Do not place the containers directly on the cell floor.

Dough: Mix pre-dough, flour and water until a dry and smooth blend has been achieved. Add the sugar, honey, egg yolk, butter, cocoa butter, flavourings and candied fruits and/or raisins respectively. Dough temperature between 25-28°C. Let the dough rest in the cell for about 45 minutes at 30°C. Then, divide, shape and place everything in the special moulds to rise for about 3-5 hours in the proofing cell at 28-30°C at a humidity of 80-85%. Finish and bake as you are accustomed to doing. 
Approximate baking times: For 1 kg of Panettone, 35 minutes with closed valve + 20 minutes with open valve and 10°C less. 
Approximate temperatures: 180°C and 170°C for the second phase.
The recipe must be adapted to the technique and tools used.

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