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Eviva - Lievito madre with active yeasts and lactic acid bacteria

Product number: 6363
  • for natural proofing, without having to add yeast
  • open-pored and soft crumb
  • special aroma and high digestibility
  • no need for baking agents
A market innovation: active lievito madre natural yeast, with active yeasts and lactobacilli. Thanks to our delicate production process, our fresh lievito madre can be dried in such a way that the powdered form is in no way inferior to the fresh one. Ideal for indirect dough process and natural proofing, without having to add yeast. 
Dosage: 5% for medium to large bread pieces up to 15% for sweet yeast doughs. 

> increases fermentation stability and tolerance. 
> open-pored and soft crumb 
> improves the flavour of products by enhancing the taste of the flour used. 
> prolongs the shelf life of a product. 
> no need for baking agents.

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