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Panettone con gocce di cioccolato e Regina

Panettone with chocolate chips with Regina

Total time
21 Hours
Baking/cooking time
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
55 Minutes
Rest time
19 Hours 45 Minutes


3 pcs.

1000 g Regina - with active natural yeast, without emulsifiers
500 ml water
100 g egg yolk (cat. A)
200 g butter
1800 g pre-dough
300 g Gran Lievitati - soft wheat flour type 0
50 ml water
300 g sugar
50 g honey
150 g egg yolk (cat. A)
450 g cocoa emulsion
600 g chocolate chips
300 g butter
150 g chocolate mass



KNEADING TIME* 4 min. first speed + 5 min. second speed or until the dough is smooth, dry and well corded. Then, add the butter.

DOUGH TEMP. 26 - 27 °C

RESTING TIME 12-14 hrs, covered with a cloth, at 27 °C or until the volume has quadrupled.


KNEADING TIME* 4 min. first speed + 7 min. second speed or until the dough is smooth and dry. Add in the following order: sugar, honey, egg yolk, cocoa emulsion, flavourings and finally, the chocolate chips or fruit.

DOUGH TEMP. 26-27 °C

RESTING TIME approx. 45 min. at 30 °C

SHAPING Divide into 1070 g pieces and turn two times.

LEAVENING approx. 4-5 hrs at 28-30 °C with 80% humidity or until the volume has doubled.

BAKING* 180 °C for approx. 35 min. with closed valve + 20 min. at 170 °C with open valve.


Melt the chocolate mass. Add the butter and mix to form a cream. Add mixture to the dough.

*The recipe is to be adapted according to the technology and machinery used.
Gran Lievitati - soft wheat flour type 0
The ideal flour for seasonal leavened products like panettone, pandoro, colomba and other high-quality baked goods. The flour stands up for its elevated gluten content. Without ascorbic acid.W 350 - 390 | p/l 0,70 – 0,80 | water absorption > 55,0 % | stability > 10,0 min| wet glue > 34,0 %

15 kg

Regina - with active natural yeast, without emulsifiers
PRODUCT LINE ACTIVEOur "queen" (from Italian "regina") when it comes to special mixes for traditional sweet yeast doughs like Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba etc. with a shelf life of min. 3 months. With lievito madre natural yeast with active yeasts. Thanks to our delicate production process, our fresh lievito madre can be dried in such a way that the powdered form is in no way inferior to the fresh one.Ideal for indirect dough process and natural proofing, without having to add yeast.Dosage: 70%.Advantages using our mix with lievito madre:>Clean label without emulsifiers>harmonious balanced mix>It increases fermentation stability and tolerance.>Open-pored and soft finished product>It improves the flavour of products by enhancing the taste of the flours used.>It prolongs the shelf life of a product.>No need for baking agents.

15 kg