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GRANOFERM – with fermented bran

GRANOFERM is a type 1 flour to which a percentage of fermented bran has been added. So GRANOFERM is a flour with a very high fibre content. The name GRANOFERM comes from the acronym: GRANO (Grain) + FERM(entation).

How is GRANOFERM made?
To produce fermented bran, we refresh the yeast with bran instead of flour. It’s then thermostabilised and dried just as we do with our Lievito Madre natural yeast. This way, the bran element of the grain, which is richer in fibre and mineral salts (often eliminated when producing refined flour), gives way to a new innovative type of product.

How is GRANOFERM used?
GRANOFERM is a flour with a very high fibre content, similar to a whole wheat flour. It can be used 100% in recipes for bread and other baked goods, or in combination with other flours. To avoid that the acidulous note becomes too dominant, we recommend GRANOFERM from 30% to 65%.
GRANOFERM is suitable for short leavenings.

What are the advantages of GRANOFERM?
  • GRANOFERM contains 9.5g of fibre, which is why products made with 100% GRANOFERM are comparable to whole grain products.
  • Fermentation of the bran promotes the bio-availability of minerals and reduces the level of low-nutritional elements usually found in wholegrain products.
  • Fermentation of the bran gives bread, even with short levitation times, the desired effect of long levitation due to the characteristic touch of acidity.
  • Fermentation brings about an increase in acidity and a decrease in pH levels, ensuring a longer lasting product.
  • Fermentation of bran leads to the conversion of fermentable carbohydrates, making products much easier to digest.