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Natural yeast: to each master his own

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Fluffy and aromatic yeast doughs

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The best ingredients to guarantee success for your all recipes.

Cereals, flour, cereal flakes, fine mixtures for bakery products and our natural yeast lievito madre. Molino Merano's assortment of products adds even more choice and pleasure to your life. From Amaranth to Teff, it’s what passion for cooking is all about!

Granoferm - wheat flour with fermented bran
Type 1 flour with fermented bran. Unique structure and aromatic notes in the finished product. Contains the same fibre content as wholegrain flour and highly digestible. Ideal for the preparation of bread and bakery products with a high fibre content but not only; the fermentation of the bran gives the product excellent structure, volume and an optimum texture.Dosage: 100% of flour weight.>Excellent volume and structure >Pleasant taste and flavour >Prolongs the shelf life of a product >High fibre content

15 kg

Mix Unitop gluten free
UNITOP gluten-free mix is ideal for many uses in the kitchen such as the preparation of crepes, pasta, potato dumplings, waffles, cookies, and baked goods including sponge cake, choux pastry or flatbreads.

15 kg

OLIMPO LINE - RANGE OF ACTIVE LIEVITO MADRE NATURAL YEASTDried lievito madre natural yeast with baker's yeast for your perfect bread and sweet yeast pastries."Finum" is produced by delicately drying our fresh lievito madre and contains the optimal metabolic products of the yeasts and lactobacilli, which optimally support dough leavening using baker's yeast making it possible to avoid any other additives.Supplemented with dried yeast, non-declarable, thermolabile enzymes and ascorbic acid for optimal fermentation and an attractive browned crust.Ideal for direct dough process.Dosage: 4% for bread and pizza / 6% for yeast doughsAdvantages of combining lievito madre natural yeast with baker's yeast:> direct dough process > increases fermentation stability and tolerance. > open-pored and soft crumb > improves the flavour of products by enhancing the taste of the flours used. > prolongs the shelf life of a product.

10 kg

Eviva - Lievito madre with active yeasts and lactic acid bacteria
weight: 10x1kg
PRODUCT LINE ATLANTIDEA market innovation: active lievito madre natural yeast, with active yeasts and lactobacilli. Thanks to our delicate production process, our fresh lievito madre can be dried in such a way that the powdered form is in no way inferior to the fresh one. Ideal for indirect dough process and natural proofing, without having to add yeast. Dosage: 5% for medium to large bread pieces up to 15% for sweet yeast doughs. Advantages: > increases fermentation stability and tolerance. > open-pored and soft crumb > improves the flavour of products by enhancing the taste of the flour used. > prolongs the shelf life of a product. > no need for baking agents.

10 kg

The mix that shines: mix based on special flours such as teff. Ideal for the preparation of baked products with a source of proteins and an attractive colour. Just add water, Finum – lievito madre with dried yeast and salt.Dosage: 100% of flour weight.>Special aromatic bouquet and appealing colour>Contains our lievito madre natural yeast which not only ensures stability and tolerance during rising but also increases the taste and nutritional value of finished products>Made with flour from five different cereals: soft wheat, rye, barley, oats and teff>Enriched with selected and valuable seeds such as sunflower, sesame and pumpkin>High nutritional content and clean label

15 kg

The functional mix: Ideal for the preparation of sandwich bread, rolls rich in protein and fibre or baked products such as breadsticks and crackers, also rich in fibre.Just add water and Finum - lievito madre and dried yeast.Dosage: 100% of flour weight.>contains wholegrain flour, lentil flour and oat flakes >enriched with valuable nutritious seeds such as sunflower and chia >high nutritional content and clean label >high protein and fibre content

15 kg

Del Colle
Del Colle baking mix is perfect for the creation of rustic bread with a malty aroma. It contains sunflower seeds, sesame, linseeds as well as lievito madre natural yeast. Only add water, yeast, salt and olive oil.Dosage: 100%.> contains more than 30% of seeds (sunflower, sesame, linseeds)> malty aroma and soft, open pored crumb> easy processing guarantees time savings> maximum dough yield and increased water absorption> optimum fermentation stability thanks to the contained lievito madre> clean label of the finished product> suitable for direct dough process

15 kg


For over 600 years, the von Berg family has been dedicated to the milling tradition and is deeply rooted in the world of grain and flour. For a long time now, they have been present in South Tyrol, the land of the contrasting symbiosis of Alpine and Mediterranean and especially in the bread-making industry. This is where strong rye bread meet light durum wheat ciabatta and sourdough meets lievito madre. On this rich basis, we work tirelessly on fresh and new ideas – because for us, there is nothing finer than giving “bread” new names, again and again.



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