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It didn't turn out.

Try again.

The dough is still too sticky.

Excessive leavening of the pre-dough.

It doesn't come away from the sides of the bowl.

The gluten mesh won't develop in the case of excessive leavening.

Why doesn't it form the gluten mesh?

Caused by excessive leavening or a too high temperature of the pre-dough.

Why does it tear on top after leavening or during baking?

Too much acidity.

The baking process is taking too long.

The pre-dough is too cold and/or the leavening temperature is too low.

The product is baking too quickly.

The pre-dough is too warm and/or the leavening temperature is too high.

Can any type of flour be used?

It's very important to use the correct type of flour as stated in the recipe.

How many doses can be put into one bowl?

A maximum of 5 doses with multiples to avoid misinterpretation from the indicator sensor.

I might have missed out a step?

Stop and evaluate whether or not you should continue, to avoid wasting expensive ingredients.

How can I tell if the product is ready for baking?

Use an indicator sensor.

Can the baking time be modified?


Can the baking temperature be modified?

Yes, depending on the type of oven.

How can I tell if the baking temperature is correct?

Usually between 10-15 mins. The product should change colour.

What causes the panettone to fall out of the ramekin when turned over?

Insufficient baking or leavening time and/or excessive humidity.

How long is the cooling down period?

The minimum necessary.

How important is the cooling environment?

The panettone is sterile once it comes out of the oven. This is lost during the cooling period.

What temperature should the "heart" of the panettone be before wrapping?

The "heart" should not be higher than 32/33 degrees.

What causes mould on the outside?

From the spores that settle during the cooling phase.

What causes mould on the inside?

From non-sterilised equipment.

Why does the glaze become wet?

Due to high humidity or a rapid change in temperature.

Why does the product spoil so quickly?

Excessive leavening or baking time or not wrapped at the right time.

Why do holes form on the inside?

This often depends on the "pirlatura".

Can I modify the recipe?

Yes, with adjustment of the liquid weight.

At what temperature should I store the finished product?

A cool, dry atmosphere is recommended, but avoid condensation and rapid changes in temperature.

Should flour or oil be used for processing the dough?

The use of oil is recommended.