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Molino Merano’s gluten free world

“Gluten” is originally a Latin word and means “glue”. This hits the nail right on the head, as gluten is responsible for the stability of your baking goods. In addition, it is water binding, makes the dough elastic and the breadcrumb crispy. Gluten is part of many cereals, including wheat, spelt, rye, barley and other related cereals.

Some people do not tolerate gluten, due to several intolerances like coeliac disease or gluten intolerance that inhibit a normal digestion. However, this is no reason to forgo delicious baking goods! With the right mix of gluten free cereals, it is easy to make alternative delicacies. Either by using the well-known cereals as rice, corn, buckwheat, oat, and millet or by trying some exotic grains like quinoa, amaranth, teff or sorghum.

The wide product range of Molino Merano includes numerous gluten free raw materials and flours for your baking goods and is completed with gluten free baking mixes for bread, pizza, pasta and sweet pastries. Check them out and you will see how easy it is to prepare some really delicious gluten free baking goods! The raw materials for our gluten free mixes are exclusively obtained by certified companies and are processed in a separated area with extra silos. 
Thanks to such a broad range of products it's worth for all baking enthusiasts to try something new and step into the gluten free world!