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Storage & cultivation

How should Lievito Madre be stored correctly?
Once opened, it will keep for about 2 to 3 weeks in the fridge, protected from the air (e.g in glass jar with screw cap).

Can Lievito Madre be frozen?
EVA Lievito Madre is 100% natural and therefore, cannot cannot be frozen.

Can Lievito Madre natural yeast be multiplied? 
Our EVA Lievito Madre is certified organic and 100% natural yeast. We multiply our Lievito Madre in an ideal protected environment, using top-quality raw materials, controlling hygiene, time and temperature with great precision. This is the only way to ensure a healthy and balanced growth of microorganisms, which are then analysed and tested daily in our laboratories.

These tests cannot be carried out at home and it is therefore not possible to check which organisms develop in the substrate under different conditions. If water and flour are added to our EVA Lievito Madre at home, 'something' may develop, but we cannot guarantee the success of the baking preparations. This is why we recommend using EVA Lievito Madre directly for mixing and not for multiplication.