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What is the correct quantity for my dough?

1 x 35g sachet per 500g of flour.
For heavier doughs containing butter or eggs, the amount is 40g per 500g of flour.

Can Lievito Madre be multiplied?

We multiply our Lievito Madre in an ideal protected environment, using top-quality raw materials, controlling hygiene, time and temperature with great precision. This is the only way to ensure a healthy and balanced growth of microorganisms, which are then analysed and tested daily in our laboratories.
These tests cannot be carried out at home and it is therefore not possible to check which organisms develop in the substrate under different conditions. If water and flour are added to our Lievito Madre at home, 'something' may develop, but we cannot guarantee the success of the baking preparations. This is why we recommend using our Lievito Madre directly for mixing and not for multiplication.

What if the dough does not double in volume?

Place the dough near a heat source, e.g. in a bain-marie in a container with hot water or in a switched-off oven where only the light is on. The temperature, however, must not exceed 32°C.

What if my recipe requires a biga?

We recommend using 2-5% yeast in the biga, taking into account the quantity of flour. The quantity will depend of the levitation time.

If the dough is left to rest for longer than required, should the quantity of Lievito Madre be reduced?

If ADAM Mother Yeast is used for a dough with a long resting time, the amount of yeast must be reduced accordingly, also depending on the subsequent rising time.

Can I use Lievito Madre for a 1:1 starter?

See quantities above. Lievito Madre quantities are based on the quantity of flour.